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Scoutmaster's Corner

Troop 315

Please read the thoughts, comments and ideas listed below. Come on out and participate in some meetings, on events, trips and hikes with your son. You just might have some fun and make a positive impact on helping turn a boy into to a sucessful young man.

High Adventure 2011-FLORIDA SAILING
The 2011 High Adventure Trip was a huge success. Mr. Ostertag has established a new era by setting up this trip. Everyone had a great time, the boats were incredible, the water was great and the weather was awesome! The worst thing you could say is the winds were problem when you have a diesel engine on board. Take a moment to thank Mr. Ostertag and all the adult leaders who helped make this trip happen for each of you.

What is next? 2011 Summer camp in Ohio (Camp Friedlander), Mr. Hartmann and many other adults have set up a wonderful camp experience for each of you at an "out" of Council Camp, Camp Freidlander. I strongly suggest you make the most of camp, finish your merit badges, do not come back with partials, have a great time. Remember to say thank you to the many adult leaders and volunteers who are helping make your camp experience a reality.

We continue to have a strong run of older scouts achieving the rank of Eagle, schedule their Court of Honor or start their project. This group of older scouts have stayed with the program and are working hard to achieve their goals. What is going to happen when these scouts move on to college? Who is going to step up and be a leader? Which scouts are going to show the same passsion for the outdoors, hiking and camping? Someone must step up or the Troop will loose it's personality and tradition.

June - Sailing Trip
July - Summer Camp
Aug - Possible Family camping at a Kentucky lake (TBD/TBA) Stay tuned.

2012 PLANS
The current PLC is going to have to develop options for the troop to consider for 2012 Summer Camp and High Adventure trips. Listen and learn what the troop has done in the past. Consider new options and ideas. Express your thoughts and ideas. Most importantly.......ask your parents to wear a Tan shirt, get trained and participate on the trips. They just might have some fun!

ADULT VOLUNTEER TRAINING- See Committe Chair, Teresa Nalley for online training options (these trainings cover the bare bones basic training)

LEADERS - See Teresa or me regarding Job Specific training for Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster/Committee positions. In order to meet the BSA standards and offer a safe program we need fully trained adults.

BUS DRIVERS- We are in desparte need of adults to get their CDL license and drive the bus on outings and long trips.


See you on the RUGGED ROAD!

Tom Mack

Created on 02/14/2009 06:53 PM by admin
Updated on 06/20/2011 08:57 PM by admin
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