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Parent Information and Participation


Today scouting is more exciting than ever and Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church is a wonderful home for our troop. If your boy is coming out of Cub Scouts, transferring from another troop, or entering scouting for the first time, this material will help you orient yourself to Troop 315. Read it carefully and don't hesitate to call on members of the Troop Committee for further information.


The most important key to the success of Troop 315 is the active involvement of the parents.
By providing the foundation and back-up support to the troop, the scoutmaster and his assistants can concentrate on working with the boys. Each parent will be expected to either serve on the troop committee, participate in outdoor activities, help with fund raisers, or assist when and where necessary. Don't wait to be asked, volunteer in a way most compatible with your interest and availability.


Signed Parent's Permission Slips and Medical Releases (when required) must accompany each boy on campouts, field trips,sports activities and outings. These required forms will be distributed with the trip information bulletin and must be received by the designated adult supervising the event before departure.


Scouts must have a properly completed medical examination from a licensed physician, using the designated Boy Scout medical form, before they will be permitted to leave for Summer Camp. The examination is generally valid for 12 months from the date of completion and will normally be requested early in the calendar year to cover other scouting events.


Boys join the troop for a variety of reasons and most enjoy the scouting experience. However, some chose to leave in favor of other activities. The scout program has a wide appeal and generally minor dissatisfactions can be easily rectified with prompt communication.
If you are experiencing a problem, please discuss it with the Scoutmaster, Chairman of the Troop Committee, or other adult leader at the earliest opportunity. The Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader take an active part in the running of the troop which includes resolving membership problems. As the boys are learning leadership skills, often adult guidance is required. Bring problems to the attention of the adult leaders before they become insurmountable and everyone will benefit.

Meeting Information

Meeting Days and Times


Where: 311 Browns Lane at Harvey Brown PresbetryanChurch, St Matthews, KY
Additional Info: Enter in rear of church, go up stairs to Scout loft
When: Tuesday Evenings from 7:30pm to 9:00pm


Where: 311 Browns Lane at Harvey Brown Church, St Matthews, KY
Additional Info: Enter in rear of church, go up stairs to Scout loft
When: 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7:30pm to 9:00pm


Where: 311 Browns Lane at Harvey Brown Church, St Matthews, KY
Additional Info: Enter in rear of church, go up stairs to Scout loft
When: 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Fund Raising

Fund Raising

Troop 315 has two main activities during the year as fund raisers to support the troop.


The troop owns a small trailer parked behind Harvey Brown Church for collecting aluminium cans. When the trailer becomes full, parents of scouts in the troop volunteer to haul the trailer to a local recycyling center to empty the trailer. This cycle repeats about every four to six weeks. Parents are encouraged to participate in this rotating schedule to haul cans to the recycling center.


Each football season the troop parks cars at the U of L football games. Typically we have access to one large private lot for one home game and a smaller private lot for evry home game.Parents are encouraged to particiapate in this activity schedule.

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