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Mission Statement

Troop 315 Mission Statement

Troop 315 has been a backpacking troop for many years. We have always had a focus on high adventure. When other troops choose the easier path, we choose the road less traveled, as we call it the "Rugged Road."

We want to educate the boys and help them develop proper leadership qualities. The additional traits outside the scout law should include dedication, perseverance, and desire. Scouts that join Troop 315 should want to become better leaders.

We are dedicated to improving our Troop and the rest of our community. Community service is a large part of our schedule, and we show the rest of the world what it means to help by setting this example.

To have a successful Troop, we should also prioritize teamwork. When part of the team has a problem, the rest of the group is there to help. We are only as strong as our weakest link, and we all take responsibility for each other's actions.

We have made a conscious decision to become better Scouts and citizens by choosing the less beaten path. Backpacking, hiking, and camping, are our primary means by which we achieve excellence. Scouts that join our Troop should understand that backpacking is the spirit of our Troop, and has been for over 75 years.

Proper attendance and commitment is necessary for advancement. Advancement, however important, should not be the only reason for Scouting. The Scouts in Troop 315 earn their ranks, and come away from this Troop with a better understanding. This method of learning sets us apart from many other troops.

Scouts in this Troop should expect to learn through hands-on experiences in the outdoors, and by being active.

Developed at the December, 2001 PLC Meeting
Unanimously approved by the Scouts and Troop Committee on December 5, 2001
Re-read and approved at the December, 2008 PLC Meeting
Unanimously approved by the Scouts on December 10, 2008
Re-read and approved at the March, 2014 PLC Meeting

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Updated on 03/30/2014 01:19 PM by admin
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