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Rank Advancement overview

Rank Advancement Overview

The Troop has an excellent advancement record with many boys reaching the Eagle Scout rank. Individual accomplishment, advancement in rank, and public recognition are vital elements of the scouting program. The requirements for advancement from Scout to Eagle are contained in the Scout Handbook. It is helpful for a parent to periodically review these requirements with the scout to show interest in his progress.


  • Scout
  • Tenderfoot Scout
  • Second Class Scout
  • First Class Scout
  • Star Scout
  • Life Scout
  • Eagle Scout
Eagle Scout Advancement Process Information


For ranks up to and including First Class, the scout will appear before a board consisting of at least three and not more than six members of the troop who hold leadership positions and who have a rank above that of the boy seeking advancement. Actions of this board must be approved by the Troop Committee Advancement Chairman. Scouts seeking the rank of Star or Life must appear before the Troop Committee for a Board of Review to certify the completion of requirements before the scout is advanced in rank. A special Eagle Board of Review is required for boys seeking the rank of Eagle Scout. The scout is responsible for scheduling his Board of Reviews with Scout Master of Committee Chair.


Record of achievement is very important, especially for advancement in the senior ranks. Accurate documentation is particularly important when submitting the final paperwork to the council to become an Eagle Scout. Omission of dates or signatures on required achievements
for junior ranks may be cause for denial of the prestigious eagle rank. Scoutmaster approval is required for a parent to certify an advancement requirement.


Service projects are required for advancement to the rank of Star, Life and Eagle. These Projects will be approved by the Scoutmaster before starting work. The Eagle project must also be approved by the council before commencing work on the project.


Promotions, awards and recognitions are presented at the Court of Honor in the Fall and Spring of each year. These ceremonies are attended by family, friends and relatives. Parental involvement is absolutely essential for the continued success of rank advancement. The troop periodically provides rank advancement reports to assist in identifying rank requirements and requirements need to be fulfilled.


Other requirements for advancement are "Scout Spirit", regular attendance, cooperation, participation, leadership and the development of individual skills. The troop committee will not recommend a scout for advancement if fulfillment of these requirements is not evident.


Merit Badge Work Sheets

Merit Badge Counselors

Merit Badges must be signed-off by an adult Merit Badge Counselor and Scoutmaster, or Assistant Scoutmaster. We are fortunate to have Merit Badge Counselors in our troop who have been certified by the Troop Committee. Contact the Scoutmaster or Advancement chairman for assistance with Merit Badge Counselors. Boys must obtain a blue Merit Badge card before contacting the Merit Badge Counselor.

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